Huge success for TU and civil society demonstration against Czech Coalition Government on 21st April


Over 100,000 participants took part in the demonstration organised by the trade union and civil society organisations on Saturday. The high attendance - it was the biggest demonstration since 1989 - was due to the developments on the Czech political scene and the fact that recent reforms implemented by Czech Government mean a further rise in costs for the whole population.

Photos to be found here!

Original solidarity post :

On behalf of our three organisations, EMF, EMCEF, ETUF-TCL, we wish to express our solidarity with your members during this week of protest against your government’s behaviour and anti-social plans.

Across the whole of Europe, we see the same picture: The effects of the economic crisis are being paid for by ordinary working people, ordinary citizens – a crisis for which they were in no way responsible. We see a pattern of attacks on social security systems, on collective bargaining systems, on labour legislation, on workers’ rights. And we see governments stubbornly advocating sacrosanct austerity measures instead of shifting the focus to what is really needed in these difficult times: investment and priority to employment and growth and the well-being of the population.

When the members of OS KOVO, OS ECHO, OS SKBP and OSTOK take to the streets, together with other Czech trade unionists and representatives of civil society, to protest that enough is enough, you can be sure of the full support of nearly 8 million members of our three federations.

We will call on affiliates to join with us in sending you messages of solidarity and support and encourage affiliates – and particularly trade unions in the region – to participate in the main Protest Demonstration on 21st April.

Via this coordinated protest action, you will be delivering a strong message to your government to change its behaviour or leave the political arena. We are wholeheartedly behind you and wish you every success.

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