ArcelorMittal workers on the move throughout Europe on 7 December 2011


Massive mobilisation of thousands of ArcelorMittal workers is expected tomorrow in every country and plant where the company has production facilities in Europe. This will clearly impact on production.

All info on the EMF European Action Day on ArcelorMittal available here (flyers, solidarity letters, press releases etc.).

Mobilising on such a scale following the European Metalworkers’ Federation call for a European Action Day shows the depth of the workers’ feeling of insecurity about their future. It also shows that they have had enough of being milked for profits with nothing in return and call on the company to reinvest in the European steel industry.

In Belgium, a full 24-hour warning strike will take place at sites in the south of the
country, and rallies at all other sites with a massive demonstration in Liège.
A 24-hour warning strike will also take place in Luxembourg, where ArcelorMittal’s European headquarters are located. Strikes ranging from 2 hours per shift to a 24-hour stoppage will be taking place at all sites in France. Work stoppages will take place at all sites in Italy, and Spain and some sites in Germany. Assemblies, and rallies and press briefings will take place in these countries as well as in Czech Republic, Romania, Macedonia and Poland. ArcelorMittal workers in other countries around the world and their unions are also demonstrating their support through solidarity messages, e.g. Brazil, Japan and Russia.

ArcelorMittal’s workers want their voice to be heard right across Europe. They are sending a clear signal to their management to pursue an alternative strategy based on the following joint trade union demands:

· Development of an industrial project geared to the future, based on innovation, the development of know-how and R&D to develop the steels of tomorrow

· Elaboration of an ambitious policy aimed at maintaining and further developing
competence and human capital

· Full compliance with the commitments and agreements made since the merger in 2006

· Full respect for information and consultation rights at national and European level, especially as regards genuinely taking into account the alternative solutions proposed by the employee representatives with a view to maintaining sites

· Utilisation of slack production periods to invest in training for employees, plant
equipment renovation and modernisation

Information on all the actions taking place will be updated on the EMF web site
throughout the day of 7 December and at the EMF Press Conference in London
PRESS 29/2011

The EMF is the representative body defending the interests of workers in the European metal industry. The EMF has a mandate for the external representation and coordination of the metalworkers' unions and a mandate to engage in bargaining at European level.

For further information please contact:
Ulrich Eckelmann, EMF General Secretary
Bart Samyn, EMF Deputy General Secretary
Isabelle Barthès, Senior Policy Adviser

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