Aims & Tasks

One of the EMF's main aims is the deepening of the social dimension in the process of European integration. The EMF contributes to it by representing the economic and social interests of workers in the metal industry at European level.

The EMF advocates a social Europe characterised by democracy, freedom, social justice and solidarity. It also defends and promotes the ability of the European social model to face up to future challenges. At the same time it supports Europe's political and economic integration, whilst bearing in mind the unions' traditions and roots in the culture of their own respective nation states. The EMF's core tasks are:

  • To defend the trade union, social and political interests of the European metalworkers' unions vis-a-vis the European employers' organistaions in the metal industry.
  • To coordinate and implement the initiatives and actions of the European metalworkers' unions at European level.
  • To serve its member organsiations (affiliates) where European interests are involved.
  • To collaborate with the other federations affiliated to the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC).
  • To represent the European interests of the metalworkers' unions at an international level.

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