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The congress is the highest EMF statutory body and meets every four years. It is composed of some 400 delegates and advisors from organisations affiliated to the EMF.

The congress takes decisions regarding elections, affiliations, financial issues, the Statutes, the basic policy guidelines and the Work Programme of the EMF.

The latest Congress took place in Duisburg on the 9-10 June 2011.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the decision making body of the EMF in between Congresses. The Executive Committee consists of members from 72 affiliated organisations in 33 countries and meets up twice a year. It is chaired by the EMF President Renzo Ambrosetti (Unia, Switzerland).

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee was established in June 1999 as a body that shall advise and support the Secretariat in the preparation and implementation of the Executive Committee decisions.

It comprises the President, the Vice-President and regional representatives from the eight EMF regions as established by the Statutes.

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