Economic crisis

Economic crisis: EMF defending manufacturing in Europe

Manufacturing workers have found themselves victims of a crisis far from their making. Governments have handed hundreds of billions of euros to the bankers and have effectively told working people that they must pay the price for the crisis. Its seriousness is evident from the increasing numbers of redundancies, workers selling houses, soaring unemployment rates and heightening social tension. The European Metalworkers Federation (EMF) wholeheartedly rejects the burden being placed on ordinary working people.

Throughout Europe, in workplaces and in the streets, working people have been expressing their anger at the prevailing settlement which prioritises the needs of business and capital over those of labour.

The political response for the real economy has in been poorly coordinated, often contradictory and inadequately resourced. With financial capitalism on its knees, it is time for political and economic leaders to promote a new model of economic development which promotes greater economic, social and environmental sustainability. A strong manufacturing base is fundamental to launching this model, and is dependent on the strong engagement of manufacturing workers in defining its future direction.

This section of the website links the work of the EMF’s three policy committees on the economic crisis.

EMF paper on economic crisis

Facing depression?

Europe needs a strong plan for social and industrial recovery

Analysis of the European Metalworkers Federation

Economic crisis and the ICT Sector

Documents from the OECD, the International Telecommunication Union and UNCTAD.

Affiliated organisations

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EMF General Secretary wraps up Bologna conference on responses to the crisis

Invited to a conference on 21-22 October organised by the Italian Institute for Economic and Social Research - IRES Emilia-Romagna (IRES ER), the Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES) and the Department of Political Sciences of the University of Bologna on responses to the crisis, Peter Scherrer, EMF General Secretary, rounded off the event by drawing conclusions from the numerous interventions carried out by the broad panel of guest speakers.

See conference material for more information on this event.

`After the Crisis’ conference of the ETUI

Conference reader from the ETUI based on the `After the Crisis’ conference of the ETUI (13th January 2010) with thirty short, progressive, policy-oriented proposals in a number of areas in the wake of the crisis. The objective is to develop this into a book with full contributions by the end of March.


LeaderSHIP Conference on the crisis in shipbuilding

On 21 April 2010 the Basque Government President Mr. Patxi López will be hosting a LeaderSHIP Conference in Bilbao, Spain to which government representatives of EU Member States as well as European policy makers will be invited.


Economic crisis - The impact on women in the metalworking industry

Luxemburg, 10-11 March 2010

In the context of the economic crisis and the related policy work the IMF and EMF have launched since 2009, the event will provide an opportunity to consider the impact the economic crisis is having on women workers in the metal industries.

News story available on IMF website.


Sustainable work – a Challenge in Times of Economic Crises

Conference in connection with the Swedish EU presidency

27-28 October 2009

organised by

The Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research (FAS),The Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (VINNOVA), and the Swedish ESF Council in collaboration with Work-in Net and European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Eurofound)

World Economic Crisis and the Welfare State

Possible solutions to reduce the economic and social imbalances in the world economy, Europe and Germany

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung 2010


Joint call for urgent action to tackle root causes

Protests in the UK: EMF, EFBWW and EMCEF call for urgent action to tackle the root causes

As the economic crisis intensifies across Europe and anxiety about the future of employment rises, working people are expressing their anger at the prevailing EU settlement which prioritises the needs of business and capital over those of labour.


Joint declaration by European trade union leaders on the financial situation

Meeting in London on 26 and 27 September for the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) summer school, Europe's trade union leaders adopted a joint declaration on the crisis of financial capitalism.

Including article 'This is the ‘1979 moment’ for casino capitalism'
By John Monks

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