Industrial Policy

Industrial policy is one of the key action areas of the EMF Work Programme from 1999. Horizontal approaches (energy, external trade, innovation, environment) and sectoral approaches (all metal sectors) are combined and seek to find a balance between developing employment and improving competitiveness. Industrial policy creates the framework for a strong European metal industry with a high level of employment.

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EMF Resolution: Ever greater austerity pushing us into social recession

In the context of sustained attacks on national debt in the bond markets, the extremely fragile economic recovery and high unemployment, especially youth unemployment, the European Commission and member states are pressing for the reinforcement of economic governance in the EU (and particularly in the euro area) with new enforcement mechanisms for non-compliant member states.

Better economic coordination to support the monetary union is essential. However, it is becoming increasingly clear that reducing public deficits and ‘belt-tightening’ has become the cornerstone of European economic decision-making. There is no real strategy based on growth on the table.

Europe urgently needs a strong full employment policy.


Activities related to Industrial Policy involving the EMF and other social partners in cooperation with EU institutions and other organisations.

EMF Manifesto for more and better industrial jobs

European industrial workers are facing the challenge of a life-time. Now is the time for European politicians to stand up and actively pledge their commitment to fight for the creation and maintenance of good quality jobs in European manufacturing.

The Manifesto sets out the EMF’s 5 key demands for the European Parliament and Commission 2009-2013.

EMF paper on economic crisis

Facing depression?

Europe needs a strong plan for social and industrial recovery

Analysis of the European Metalworkers Federation

European metalworkers on the road from Copenhagen

Resolution of the European Metalworkers Federation

For the EMF, climate change is a dangerous reality which demands a social response at international as well as European, national and regional/local and company levels. We believe that a drive towards new industrial strategies based on low carbon technologies and products can offer opportunities but also challenges for the future of industrial workplaces in Europe, especially in the context of the worst recession for 80 years and an older and broader energy and raw materials crisis.

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Towards the creation of a European Industrial Trade Union Federation

Unions in Motion Programme

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