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Birlesik plan protest action following continued abuse of trade union and basic workers' rights at MAS-DAF

Since April, more than 110 workers who were illegally fired after joining Birleşik Metal-İş have been holding pickets outside of the MAS-DAF Makina Sanayi factory in Düzce demanding their legitimate right to reinstatement.

MAS-DAF workers are planning to hold protest rallies in front of the ILO Office in Ankara on July 28 and in front of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security on July 29.

MAS-DAF workers are fighting for reinstatement after being summarily fired for joining the Turkish union, Birleşik Metal-İş. In addtion they are protesting against being detained by police forces attempting to stop the union’s second round of actions to force the government to intervene.


Global Day of Action

22 June 2011

The Global Day of Action on the Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) takes place on 22 June.

EU Finance ministers will be meeting on the 15 June and European Council will be meeting on 23-24 June. This will be a key moment in the campaigning calender to influence decision makers ahead of the G20 in November.


IBM 100 years - time for workers' rights

On IBM’s 100th birthday, workers ask the company to respect their rights

To mark IBM’s 100th birthday, IBM trade union members have produced a happy birthday video, in which they tell the company it should treat its workers better in its next century.

Global Action Day on 14 June 2011!


Peter Scherrer awarded Heart of trade union solidarity

Today Peter Scherrer, General Secretary of the European Metalworkers’ Federation (EMF), received the ‘Heart of trade union solidarity’ Award.

The award was presented to him by the Presidency of the Council of UATUC/Union of Autonomous Trade Unions of Croatia (SMH-IS) at the EMF Congress, which is currently held in Duisburg, Germany. Peter Scherrer is the first non-Croatian metalworker to receive the award.

Vedran Dragicevic, SMH-IS President and Peter Scherrer, EMF General Secretary


Alstom Action Day

For an industrial development strategy in Europe -

Against job cuts and forced redundancies

On 30 May 2011, the trade unions with membership within Alstom are mobilising for a European Action Day at the company’s sites and within the respective surrounding industrial communities of the various countries, to call for an Alstom industrial development offensive in Europe and oppose any job cuts and forced redundancies.


Solidarnosc protest

On the occasion of the Solidarnosc staged a demonstration.


Violations of Workers’ Rights at MAS DAF in Turkey

The EMF and IMF have today sent a letter to management at MAS DAF Makina Sanayi in Turkey regarding continued serious violations of internationally recognized labour rights at the operations in the Duzce Organized Industrial Zone in Turkey.

The EMF and IMF approached management in October 2010 but labour violations continue.


Honeywell lockout may put communities at risk

On 9-10 May in Brussels, Unite the Union (UK) is facilitating a small delegation of United Steelworkers (USW) representatives from the Honeywell Uranium facility based in Metropolis, Illinois.

Left to Right: John Paul Smith; Peter Scherrer: Dan Flippo; Jonathan Hayward; Stephen Lech

The purpose of the visit is to raise awareness about the current situation that has developed at the plant, which has been a lockout of its union workers since 28 June 2010, over a dispute whereby the workers have refused to accept the company’s proposal to eliminate retiree health care and pension plans for new hires and increase workers’ out-of-pocket health care to $8,500 a year.


Global call for sustainable electronics

It is hard to imagine a world without electronics - mobile phones, lap tops, tablets and all the rest. We all use them on a daily basis, at work and at home. Electronics have improved our lives in many ways and also provided work for many people in developing countries and also here at home.

In the drive to keep costs low and incomes high the workers pay the price through low salaries and basically non existent labour rights and conditions. It is time to say stop - make electronics work for workers!

On 7 May 2011 makeITfair and GoodElectronics, organisations that the EMF supports actively, have joined hands in an international action day focusing on giant electronics contract manufacturers.


EMF President Ambrosetti addressed euro scepticism on 1 May

EMF President Renzo Ambrosetti (Unia, Switzerland) spoke at the May Day event at Landschaftspark Nord in Duisburg, Germany.

He addressed the political and financial difficulties that many European workers are facing.

The speech entitled 'Für ein Europa der Investitionen, Gerechtigkeit und Solidarität!' is available here for download.

In picture: Renzo Ambrosetti, EMF President addresses the demonstrators at the 1 May manifestation at Landschaftspark Nord, Duisburg.


Commemorating dead, ill and injured workers

On 28 April the EMF is joining the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) and in commemorating workers who have died or got ill/injured at work and we continue fighting for improved occupational health and safety.


No to austerity – Priority for industrial jobs and growth

Overview of actions in 2010-2011.


Turkey: Mass strike against MESS

Birlesik Metal-Is in Turkey has decided to go on strike in 21 companies after a conflict with MESS (Metal Employers' Federation). The strike takes pace during March and April in several companies around the country.


Libya: Halt the killing and let the people freely express themselves now

The European Metalworkers’ Federation (EMF) is following the situation in North Africa and the Middle-East closely, as the people across the region make a welcome call for deep change and for the full respect of their political, social and economic rights.

We stand with them against dictatorships and support their call for democratic participation.


Solidarity with the Association of Free Trade Unions of Slovenia

The EMF expresses its full solidarity and support with the Association of Free Trade Unions of Slovenia against the Slovenian Government's determination to enforce a new form of work, which will substantially reduce workers’ rights and increase precarious work.


EMF letter of condolences to colleagues in Japan

The EMF expresses its deepest sympathy to the members of the Japan Council of Metalworkers' Unions with respect to the earthquake and associated catastrophic events that have happened in Japan in the past few days.


Johnson Matthey’s workers will not be silenced

Joint press release from the Belgian unions (CNE, ACV-CSC Metea, MWB-FGTB and SETCa). Version française ci-dessous.

Since the announcement by the group management on 31 January of their intention to close the Brussels plant, the workers of Johnston Matthey have not accepted their fate passively.

Demonstration in Brussels on 14 March 2011.


Violations of Workers’ Rights at Tecasa Isi Kontrol As. in Turkey

The EMF and IMF have sent a joint letter to management at Tecasa Isi Kontrol As. in Turkey after reports from affiliated organisation Birlesik Metal-Is of ongoing labour violations.


Mexico - Days of Action

14-19 February 2011

The continued violations of the right to freedom of association by the Mexican government must stop.

The European Metalworkers' Federation supports the Stephen Hughes, Member of the European Parliament and Vice-President of the European Parliament’s S&D Group made the following statement in support of the Global Days of Action.

Join the campaign on Labour Start.


Demonstration in Kocaeli, Turkey

A demonstration in Kocaeli, Turkey, located about 1 hour from Istanbul, took place today. It was organised by EMF affiliated organisation Birlesik Metal-Is.


Ireland: Wage setting mechanisms for low-paid sectors

SIPTU, Ireland:

This Union has become aware that the European Commission is involved in discussions with the Irish Government to influence a review of wage-setting mechanisms for certain low-paid sectors of the Irish economy. Workers employed in these industries are not highly unionised and would generally not be covered by collective bargaining agreements, e.g. Cleaners, Catering Operatives, Hotel Staff, Hairdressers, Security Guards.


Austerity is the Road to Ruin

'No to austerity!' European Action on 15 December

The dominant analysis in the EU is that austerity is the right road to recovery, but the EMF joins the ETUC in saying that it could be the road to ruin and that it is vital to continue this campaign.

Planned actions by affiliated trade unions listed below.

ETUC press information also available below.

More pictures.


ETUC stepping up the campaign

The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) is stepping up the campaign against the austerity measures prevailing in nearly every EU member state.

The ETUC will regularly publish an ‘austerity watch’, which will be based on information from ETUC affiliates and sector federations. It will document how austerity is making workers pay for the crisis.


Violations of Workers’ Rights at MAS DAF Makina Sanayi in Turkey

The European and International Metalworkers' Federations (EMF & IMF) have sent a joint letter to management of MAS DAF Makina Sanayi in Duzce Organized Industrial Zone Turkey because of violations of basic workers' rights.

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