Communications @ Congress


The EMF is hoping to make the proceedings, activities and outcomes of the Congress as visible as possible. Therefore the EMF invites all affiliated trade union communicators to a briefing at the iPoint on the day prior to Congress, i.e. Wednesday 8 June 2011 at 12H00-14H00.

The purpose of the meeting is to ensure visibility and to describe the various communications activities that are taking place at and around the Congress.


In the Congress Hall itself (Kraftzentrale) there will be a stand next to the registration desk for communicators to meet, exchange notes, information and to schedule interviews, etc. Communicators are welcome to use this stand as of the opening ceremony of the Congress on 9 June 2011 at 09H00.

Press conference

On the first day of the Congress (9 June 2011 at 13H00) a press conference is foreseen.


The EMF is arranging an exhibition area during its Congress, just as we did at the last Congress in Lisbon in 2007. The exhibition area offers space for organisations related to the EMF in order for them to present themselves and their work, including campaigns, communications work, policy work, and items of a similar nature.

The exhibition takes place from 8 June to 10 June 2011.

Important dates

  • Dates of exhibition: 8 June to 10 June 2011
  • Date to set up exhibition: 8 June 2011
  • All exhibitions have to be ready by: 12H00 on 8 June 2011
  • All exhibitions have to be removed at: 17H00 on 10 June 2011

Unions in Motion

In connection with the Congress the EMF is arranging a Film Festival - Unions in Motion.

Important dates

  • Dates of the Film Event: 10-11 June 2011
  • The Film Event opens with drinks at 16H00 on 10 June 2011 and closes at 17H00 on 11 June 2011

The EMF hopes to welcome as many of our colleagues in communications as possible to the Congress.

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