Unions in Motion - EMF Film Festival


10-11 June 2011 at Landschaftspark Nord in Duisburg, Germany

'Trade unions using audiovisual tools to illustrate the challenges of a changing society and industry as well as the need to safeguard jobs and a future for all workers.'

Motion graphics and programme in English, German and French are available now!

In connection with the EMF Congress in June 2011, the EMF is organising a Film Festival - 'Unions in Motion'. The festival intends to show a variety of short films and feature films related to trade unions. It will also offer workshops on how trade unions can produce efficient audiovisual tools for the benefit of their members.

Friday 10 June

Welcome & Opening

Curtain goes up at 17H00

Saturday 11 June

Programming from 11H00-17H00

German and English interpretation available.


Film producer Paul Williams gives an interview to IG Metall Youth.

The producers of Children of the Season attended Unions in Motion.


International trade union film festival opens on Friday!

‘Unions in Motion’

Complementary to the EMF Congress taking place at the Landschaftspark Nord site this week in Duisburg, Germany, an international trade union film festival opens on Friday, ‘Unions in Motion’.


Global Union Labour Film Shorts 2011

Global Union Federations and the International Trade Union Confederation are proud to present Global Unions Labour Films Shorts 2011, a DVD and online resource showcasing trade union films created for inclusion in labour film festivals and film events worldwide.

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