After a long period of restructuring the aerospace sector in Europe has now been consolidated to a large degree. Facing the challenges of global competition the EMF particularly focuses on the issues of competition and employment, trade policy, restructuring and qualitative aspects of labour conditions.

The European aerospace industry is a high-tech industry whose success depends on the twin pillars of civil and defence related production. It develops and manufactures a broad range of products: civil and military aircraft, aero-engines, helicopters, launchers and satellites, missiles as well as systems and equipment. The industry employs around 415.000 directly.

The EMF aerospace committee has been established in 1999 with a view to developing a European trade union strategy for the sector. This committee brings together under the umbrella of the EMF national trade union representatives as well as workers representatives of the major European aerospace companies. The EMF aerospace committee has produced its own sectoral policy platform outlining the trade union views and demands concerning the industrial development of the sector and a proactive employment policy.

The EMF aerospace committee is engaged in a regular dialogue with the relevant services of the European Commission. It cooperates actively with the International Metalworkers Federation and North American unions active in the sector. It also seeks to develop a dialogue with the ASD, the AeroSpace and Defence Industries association.

For more information, please contact Eddy Stam, Policy Adviser.

Sector aerospace also covers issues related to defence.


Aerospace unions vow to build union power

On 6th and 7th October 2010 the IMF held its Aerospace conference “Building union power for secure jobs”. The EMF was represented by its General Secretary, Peter Scherrer, and Policy Adviser, Eddy Stam.

The focus of the conference was on the global aspects of the industry, often conflicting with national interests. The general opinion expressed was that production will be increasingly offshored to the growing markets in China, India and Russia. Mexico, which serves as a low wage portal to the North American market, is growing in significance too.

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