The automobile industry and its suppliers are major providers of jobs in the European Union. The car sector is also an important contributor to EU’s prosperity, innovation capacity and employees’ skills upgrading.

However, the sector is undergoing considerable transformation and harmful restructuring exercises translating into tremendous pressures on workers and working conditions everywhere. Typically, whenever a production site closes, its suppliers are left with no other choice than to close in its wake, leaving thousands of employees jobless and with reduced prospects of improving their standards of living.

The recent shifts in production and the important investments realised by major automobile manufacturers outside the EU, in Russia, India, Iran, etc. puts European employees in the sector under further pressures and threatens the sustainability of the European car industry.

In this particular context, and recognising the common interest of all employees in Europe, in improved working conditions and better wages as well as increased competitiveness to safeguard jobs and competences, the EMF strives to coordinate trade union approaches in order to respond to companies strategies aiming at playing employees and production sites against one another.

The EMF also recognises that in the face of environmental challenges and competitive pressures from outside Europe, increased R&D efforts are needed to create more and better jobs.

Such effort will only be possible if an audacious industrial policy is developed at EU and national levels to support or complement R&D spending already undertaken by companies themselves. This European industrial policy must also take into account the emergence of new players in the globalised economy which are not playing by the same rules and who are EU’s main trading partners.

The EMF contributes to feeding EU policy initiative in the field of social affairs, industrial policy and other policy areas having a link to the car industry (environment, education and training, transport policy etc.).


Energy taxation yes, but as part of a comprehensive approach, safeguarding jobs

With European Commission’s proposals on energy taxation due this week, the European Metalworkers’ Federation (EMF) is looking at the impact these can have on the automotive industry and particularly on diesel production.


British-French trade union coordination on model allocation within Renault, Nissan, and General Motors

At the European Metalworkers’ Federation today, sixteen British and French workers’ representatives from Renault, Nissan and General Motors met to debate model allocation, in particular between the sites at Sandouville (France), Luton (UK), and Barcelona (Spain).


Kick off European automotive skills council

On 16 December 2010 a kick-off meeting for the new EU project “Identification of national jobs and skills councils in the automotive sector in view of setting up a European automotive skills council” is organised in Brussels.

The meeting is organised jointly with the steering group of the “Anticipation of change” project.


EMF welcomes Commission initiative to create a European Automotive Skills Council

The European Metalworkers’ Federation (EMF) welcomes the EU Commission Communication on a “European Strategy on clean and energy efficient vehicles” published today.


EMF: contribution to the public hearing on a “European Strategy on Clean and Energy-efficient Vehicles”

The EMF sent its contribution regarding a “European Strategy on Clean and Energy-efficient Vehicles” to the European Commission. The full text available here.


Automotive Conference

EIF Conference for company-level representatives on strategies to tackle the social impact of the crisis in the automotive sector

The European Automotive Industry is facing tough challenges in the coming months. Mergers, acquisitions and restructurings will take their toll on working conditions, employment and pay.

The whole value chain will be hard hit - be it the metalworking, chemical or textile sectors.

Automotive Committee

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