The explosive boom in the ICT sector is over. Company crashes and redundancies have not yet come to an end. For the metalworkers’ unions, the interface between e-economy and the high-tech metal industry has become one of the most important strategic challenges.

Given the present situation, sectoral policy for the ICT sector needs a specific mixture of a sectoral and horizontal approach. Employment and lifelong learning, information and consultation, regulation on labour conditions and mobility are key issues. Managing change in restructuring of the ICT sector is a key activity of the EMF and its affiliates.


Fair trade in the telecoms industry

The European telecoms industry is facing notably fierce competition from China and a lack of a level playing field. This industry is indispensable for Europe in order to meet the ambitious employment, R&D and innovation objectives set out in the EU2020 Strategy.

We fear that if no action is taken by the EU and its Member States, this European industry risks to disappear. This will imply significant job losses and also a competitiveness loss, with far reaching implications whose impact on EU’s economy and security should not be underestimated.

This document analyses the different issues at stake and it leads us to the inescapable conclusion that action by the EU and Member States is urgently needed.


IBM 100 years - time for workers' rights

On IBM’s 100th birthday, workers ask the company to respect their rights

To mark IBM’s 100th birthday, IBM trade union members have produced a happy birthday video, in which they tell the company it should treat its workers better in its next century.

Global Action Day on 14 June 2011!


Social partner participation in the ICT industry

Article in the Social Europe Journal

Modernising industrial relations and adopting new social standards on a legal basis.

The European information and communication technology (ICT) industry is largely based on service providers and less on manufacturing companies. In the past years trade unions have witnessed structural changes in the sector, including an increasing prevalence of outsourcing with its consequences for the European workforce. In addition, the industry is facing numerous challenges to maintain competitiveness and at the same time it is recognised as comprising significant cross-sectoral factors bearing on the European industrial base as a whole.

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