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EMF General Secretary addresses 1 May demonstrators in Kiel

Ein europäisches Grußwort hielt der Generalsekretär des europäischen Metallgewerkschaftsbundes, Peter Scherrer. Er mahnte, dass die industrielle Produktion in Europa in Gefahr sei.


Symposium on trade union history

On 12 January 2010 the EMF is organising a Symposium that focuses on trade union history in the metalworking industry in the past 50 years and the future.

Pictures from the event


10th anniversary of “Vienna Memorandum Group”

The Vienna Memorandum Group (International trade union collective bargaining cooperation networks) met in Prague on 7 December 2009 to comemorate the 10th anniversary.


Investing in people – Trade unions for a democratic learning society

Conference, Berlin 24 November 2009

The NEWTON Network unites trade unions and training providers from five European countries which collectively represent several hundred training institutes within the EU.

Network declaration now available.


Hearing: "Flexicurity and restructuring"

Hearing "Flexicurity and restructuring" organised by the European Economic and Social Committee; 7 July 2009, Stockholm


WIBAR II Conference on Salary and Working Conditions in European Multinational Companies

On the 16th of October the EMF hosted the WIBAR II Conference. WIBAR stands for WageIndicator support for trade union BARgaining and is an extension of the WIBAR II project run by researchers from the University of Amsterdam and supported financially by the European Commission.

For more information on the WIBAR I project, please go to this website.


1 May 2008 International Workers' Day

1 May is a celebration of the social and economic achievements of the international labour movement.

In this section you find information about trade union campaigns 2008.


EMF New Year's Event 2008

The European Metalworkers’ Federation (EMF) is organising its New Year’s Reception on 24 January 2008.

The theme of the evening is the importance of an innovation and research & development policy in the European metalworking sector. The main address will be given by European Commissioner Janez Potocnik of DG Science & Research. Contribution by Lidija Jerkic, president of the Slovenian Metalworkers’ Union (SKEI) “European innovation policy during the Slovenian presidency” and John Monks, General Secretary of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) “Trade union involvement in industrial, technical and social innovation”.

Pictures from the event.

More pictures at: (by Horst Wagner, photojournalist).


Press conference EMF New Year's Event

Members of the press are cordially invited to attend the EMF’s press conference organized in connection with its New Year’s Reception 2008 on the theme “ R&D in the European metalworking industry”.

Thursday 24 January 2008


Der Betriebsrat Opel Rüsselsheim Informiert

Überlaufende Zeitkonten – 28.11.2007
Betriebsrat fordert Abbaupläne


Rio Tinto management refuses to provide information to the EWC

Alcan European Works Council press release

Following the hearing on the Rio Tinto tender offer for the Alcan Group, the employee representatives in the Alcan European Works Council (EWC) condemn the failure of Rio Tinto management to provide answers to the questions asked and to respond to the requests for commitments made at the meeting.


Meeting regional network collective bargaining

The regional network collective bargaining from Belgium – The Netherlands – Nordrheinland Westphalia has organised a third seminar on education and training.

The seminar took place on 28 September in Germany.


Internationale Arbeitstagung der IG Metall und der FES

(Annual central and eastern European conference of the FES and IGM in September)
7. Internationale Arbeitstagung der IG Metall und der FES
19. - 22.9.2007 in Bautzen
„Europa im Spannungsfeld des sozialen Zusammenhalts - Demokratie und Solidarität stärken“


Conference on temporary agency work

EMF “Wiener Memorandum” group Conference on Temporary agency work / Leiharbeit-Zeitarbeit

On the 15/16th of June the EMF Wiener Memorandum group – one of the regional cooperation groups in the field of collective bargaining composed out of the following EMF affiliated trade unions: IG Metal Bayern (Germany), GMTN (Austria), OZ Kovo (Slovakia), Vasas (Hungary), Skei (Slovenia) and OS Kovo Czech Republik – organised a first transnational Conference on the important topic of temporary agency work (Leiharbeit / Zeitarbeit).

This Conference was also a starting point for the new work programme on collective bargaining, in which flexibility, flexicurity and precarious employment has a high priority, as it was discussed and decided in the EMF Congress of Lisbon on the 6-7 June.

The European household appliances industry

The European household appliances industry:
Restructuring processes, innovation strategies and industrial relations at European level – what role for European works councils?

Arezzo, 27-29 June 2007

Sala Convegni Borsa Merci
P.zza Risorgimento, 23


EMF Congress 2007


Contact persons:

Peter Scherrer EMF General Secretary
Bart Samyn EMF Deputy General Secretary


May Day Speech by Peter Scherrer, Rožnik, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Building a social Europe through solidarity

Dear Colleagues,

it is with great pleasure I address you on the 1May celebration after Slovenia’s entry into the eurozone. As from the beginning of this year the Euro became Slovenia’s national currency which marked a further important step in Slovenia’s integration into the European Union. Slovenia is economically successful. Today the country is already a jump ahead of other EU Member States. Thanks to highly qualified employees Slovenia is at the top position in key and potential industries of the future. Slovenian made goods whether from automotive, machine tools, mechanical engineering, domestic equipment and light industry or other industrial sectors are to be found on the international market. Slovenia’s economic success, even in comparison to other new EU Member States, is also due to the strength of its trade unions and their collective bargaining achievements.


Projet d’acquisition par Thales des parts détenues par Alcatel-Lucent dans Alcatel Alénia Space

Une délégation FEM composée par les membres du Comité d’Entreprise Européen (CEE) de Thales a été reçu le 5 février par la Direction Générale de la concurrence de la Commission Européenne. Cette rencontre s’inscrivait dans le cadre de l’enquête approfondie menée par Commission suite au projet d’acquisition par Thales des parts détenues par Alcatel-Lucent dans Alcatel Alénia Space.


Auto World

28 November 2006

Securing growth, innovation and employment in a changing automotive industry


Marx in Brussels

Marx in Brussels – a commemorative plaque at Brussels Grand Place

On the19th of September a particular moment of history took place at the historic Grand Place in Brussels.
It was to commemorate the fact that Karl Marx indeed lived in Brussels for three years, from 1845-1848, and celebrated New Year’s Eve with the “Deutscher Arbeiterverein” and members of the “Association Democratique” in a historic building next to the city hall in the Grand Place (which is now a restaurant called “The Swan”). It is by no coincidence that the Belgian workers’ party was founded in the same house.


EMF Week in Stockholm 2006

The EMF Week took place between 25-27 October 2006.


Otto Brenner Stiftung

08./9. November 2006

Jahrestagung der Otto Brenner Stiftung in Berlin zum

"Zukunft der Arbeit in Europa"

Am Abend des 8. November wird der Otto Brenner Preis
zum Thema "Kritischer Journalismus - gründliche Recherchen
statt bestellter Wahrheiten"? verliehen.


1. Mai Internationaler Tag der Arbeit

„Deine Würde ist unser Maß“, so lautete das diesjährige Motto des Deutschen Gewerkschaftsbundes zum 1.Mai. Peter Scherrer, der Generalsekretär des Europäischen Metallgewerkschaftsbundes (EMB) wies in seiner Mairede beim DGB Lübeck, darauf hin, dass es gerade in einer Zeit des unerbittlichen weltweiten Konkurrenzkampfes für die Gewerkschaften darum gehe, die Würde der arbeitenden Menschen zu verteidigen.


Collective Bargaining Co-ordination

The first thematic Press Event at the EMF takes place on 3 May 2006 at the EMF Secretariat in Brussels. The event goes under the theme of Collective Bargaining Co-ordination.

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