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In this section you find a database with photographs available for download.

Please observe the policy of CC; Creative Common = You can reuse the images freely as long as the EMF is cited as the owner, and for no commercial usage.

If you need a photograph in a different resolution or format, if you want to share pictures or if you have any questions, please contact William Slade.

EMF Congress 2011

Pictures from the EMF Congress in Duisburg, Germany on 9-10 June 2011.

Picture gallery by Andy Michaelis.

Austerity is the road to ruin

Brussels 15 December 2010

Pictures by the EMF

No to austerity

European demonstration on 29 September 2010

This section also contains pictures from the demonstrations in France (pictures provided by FTM-CGT).

Workers from Philips Plant in Plauen on strike in Eindhoven

Action organised by EMF, FNV Bondgenoten and IG Metall on 19 July 2010 in response to the planned job cuts by Philips at the Plauen production plant.

Sea your future

1 October 2009

Pictures by the EMF

Areva T&D sale

“Yes to jobs and a future at Areva but no to the dismantling of AREVA by its shareholders.”

European trade union action in Paris, 15th September 2009, against Areva's planned sale of its T&D division

IG Metall Action Day

5 September 2009

Pictures by Andy Michaelis and Ralf Gotz.

Migrant workers at ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems in Kiel

Pictures by Hans-Ulrich Stangen, ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems in Kiel.

"Arbeit und Zusammenleben auf der Werft HDW"


Put people first! Demonstration 15 May 2009

Pictures by the EMF


Demonstration 18 April 2009 in front of the Hungarian Parliament

With thousands of participants, the event, organised by the Hungarian Trade Union, VASAS, was a great success.


G20 Demo, London

Pictures from the GME ECO II Project conference

3-4 November 2008

Pictures by the EMF

EMF Shipbuilding committee meeting - Istanbul

Pictures from the EMF Shipbuilding committee meeting in Istanbul 8-10 October 2008.

World Day for Decent Work

Brussels, 7 October 2008

Pictures by the EMF

Solidarnosc shipbuilding demonstration

Brussels, 16 September 2008

Pictures by the EMF

Pictures on the theme Precarious Work

Pictures by Andy Michaelis.

Pictures from the EMF Congress 2007

Pictures by Andy Michaelis.

EMF Congress 2007 Poster Exhibition

"Faces of work"

Pictures by Andy Michaelis.

ThyssenKrupp Steel Terni Italy

Pictures by Andy Michaelis.

Saurer Machinery Arbon Switzerland

Pictures by Andy Michaelis.

Airbus Aerospace Toulouse France

Pictures by Andy Michaelis.

Volvo trucks Goteborg Sweden

Pictures by Andy Michaelis.

Arcelor Steel Luxemburg

Pictures by Andy Michaelis.

Metalurgia Radomsko Steel Poland

Pictures by Andy Michaelis.

MAN Automotive Denmark

Pictures by Andy Michaelis.

Opel Automotive Gliwice Poland

Pictures by Andy Michaelis.

AEG White Goods Nuremberg Germany

Pictures by Andy Michaelis.

BAE Systems Shipbuilding Glasgow Scotland

Pictures by Andy Michaelis.

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