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Solidarity addresses from 2006 - 2010 can be found in this section.


Turkish metalworkers rally against precarious work

On 28 November 2010 Birlesik Metal-Is is organising a rally in the industrial city of Gebze, Turkey to protest against the flexible and precarious working conditions imposed by the collective agreement signed between Turk Metal and Metal Product Industrialists’ Association (MESS).

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Alstom actions in Germany

On 2 November 2010 Alstom employees in Germany took to the streets in actions against management's reconstruction plans.

Pictures from the action in Mannheim, Germany.

Picture by Helmut Roos (copy right).


Support for French trade union mobilisation

EMF-FEM La bataille des syndicats français est également la notre!

The EMF confirms its solidarity with all of its French affiliates and their members as they continue the struggle against the proposed law on Pension Reform.

Picture from Paris on 7 September.


Protest of Zeljezara Split workers in Zagreb, Croatia

Around 150 workers of Zeljezara Split organised a protest in Zagreb today demanding from the Government to urgently assure the production through the lease tender for the company.


Opel/Vauxhall gives Investor and Antwerp Workforce No Chance

(Deutsche Fassung hierunter)

The European Employee Forum’s initiative to directly talk to the potential investor had led to new activities in the deadlocked discussions between management and the investor.


Delphi puts plants into “beauty contest"

At a trade union coordination meeting on Delphi, held under EMF auspices, in Brussels on 13th October 2010, trade union officers and delegates agreed to act in solidarity in restructuring cases.


Workplace fatalities continue in Turkish shipyards

The EMF is outraged that workplace fatalities continue in Turkish shipyards.

On 2 October 2010 the body of a shipyard worker from Tuzla (Çiçek shipyard) was discovered in the sea, where his death four days earlier had gone unnoticed.


General Strike in Spain on 29 September

Spanish unions UGT and CCOO are staging a general strike in Spain on 29 September against the national labour reforms.


Shipbuilding that is us

The EMF is increasing pressure this autumn in support of the crisis-stricken shipyards in Europe, whose fate is largely ignored by politicians.

Member organisations will be organising various national actions under the motto: ‘Shipbuilding – that is us!’.

They will be calling on the EU and national governments to start a common European initiative to safeguard shipbuilding in Europe.

The shipbuilding campaign lifeboat will participate in the ETUC’s European manifestation on 29th September in Brussels to highlight the critical situation in European shipbuilding.


French unions calling for further action

National action on 23 September!

With the successful September 7th action day, the French trade unions consider that the announcements made by President Sarkozy, who wanted to answer to the mobilizations, do not change the unfair and unacceptable aspects of the pensions system reform.


1400 to lose their jobs when Delphi closes plant in Česká Lípa (Czech Republic)

According to the announcement from the management of the Delphi plant in Česká Lípa, it should finish its activities by May 2011. The Czech union OS Kovo is fighting for a decent severance pay for the workers.


Renewed attacks on JohnsonControls' workers

From the IMF website

The EMF and IMF express alarm and calls for urgent letters of condemnation in response to violent attacks on August 16 against union leaders and members at the Johnson Controls Interiors plant in Puebla, Mexico.

Picture of injured worker published in the newspaper.


Hearing on anti-union dismissals of Sinter Metal workers adjourned to October

From the IMF website.

International human rights lawyer joins IMF and EMF trial monitor to observe hearing. Judge adjourns proceedings to October 22 but also orders police summons for management witnesses. Union response: "Justice Delayed is Justice Denied"

TURKEY: On August 4, the 3rd Labour Court of Uskudar adjourned until October 22 the unfair dismissal hearings of 11 Sinter Metal workers among the 394 workers victimized with retaliatory dismissal for joining IMF affiliate, Birleşik Metal-İş Sendikası.


Dismissed ÇEL-MER workers win reinstatement through sit-in strike

23 dismissed Birlesik Metal IS members reinstated on August 9 after a week long peaceful factory occupation and strike for reinstatement.


Kremikovtzi declares bankruptcy: Bulgarian Trade unions ask for certain Government guarantees

Kremikovtzi, Bulgaria’s largest steel company, has declared bankruptcy and the procedure for sales of company assets is in progress. The EMF affiliate, Trade Union “Metalicy” has jointly organised with its Confederation CITUB, a press conference to voice the trade union demands.

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