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Conference report EWC

The expert will draft the final report based on the conference debate and the steering committee guidelines. The final report which will publish the results is aimed to generate a broader discussion amongst EWC members and trade unionist at company level.

The final Report is expected to be focused on detailed recommendations on how to improve workers’ involvement in multinational companies with a view to better anticipate and manage change and develop employability. A special focus will be placed on the implementation of the new EWC Directive and its implications for a better management of change


ADD ME call for expertise

The EMF is launching the Anti-Discrimination and Diversity Metalworkers’ Network (ADD ME) project in order to coordinate and evaluate existing efforts and training measures on equality and diversity on national level. Furthermore, the ADD ME project utilises a train-the-trainer (TTT) approach in order to promote specific competences in the participating trade unions. Finally the project seeks to strengthen ties to other anti-discrimination and diversity networks on the European level in order to increase trade union participation in these networks.

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