Joint EMF and DGB Bildungswerk project


„Strengthening of the Social Dialogue in South-Eastern Europe through CSR instruments“

The EMF and DGB Bildungswerk with the financial support of the European Commission conducted a joint project for the EMF affiliates in the South-Eastern Europe.

The project initiative was primarily aimed at trade unions and workers’ representatives from the Acceding and Candidate Countries: Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Croatia and Macedonia.

The project aims were:
• Stocktaking and analysis of the actual situation and recent developments in the metal industry both in the region as a whole and in the respective countries, as well as forecasts for the future
• Broadening of worker representatives’ and trade unionists’ knowledge and improvement of their skills in relation to various CSR instruments and their use in the Social Dialogue process
• Establishing networks, improving communication and information as well as strengthening cross-border co-operation

Five workshops were organised in the respective countries. The project was accompanied by a survey, which provided better knowledge of metal industry in the region.


“Economic structures and industrial relations in South-Eastern Europe and Turkey
Final report of the research undertaken for the project.

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