The EMF is currently participating in or managing a number of projects. In this section you can find more information about them.

European steel council

Towards a European steel council on jobs and skills? Identifying the actors

The European Metalworkers’ Federation (EMF) and the European Confederation of Iron and Steel Industries (EUROFER) have jointly submitted a project proposal to the Commission (Budget heading - Industrial Relations and Social Dialogue) concerning the possible setting up of a European Sector Council on Jobs and Employment for the steel industry.

Copernicus - Construction machinery project

EMF project in the construction and construction material machinery industry 2010/2011.

Copernicus conceives of his job as understanding the 'machinery of the world, which has been built for us by the Best and Most Orderly Workman'. Nicolaus Copernicus 1543

European automotive skills council

“Identification of national jobs and skills councils in the automotive sector in view of setting up a European automotive skills council

Anticipation of Change Project

Project I&II

The automotive industry, an important source of economic prosperity, employment and innovation in the EU, is undergoing a major transformation, which creates new opportunities but, at the same time, represents major challenges for the industry, its employees and the territories in which the sector operates.


European Naval Industry

“New Perspectives for the European Naval Industry: Opportunities and
Challenges for Employment and Innovation”.

This project represents a contribution to the European Defence Partnership.

AgriTech Project

Agricultural Machinery in Europe

The agricultural machinery industry in Europe is currently employing 150.000 workers. Placed into an international context, this industry is highly competitive with most important global players located in Europe and giving the EU a high-tech leadership. However, the general picture of the agricultural machinery industry has changed. Not only are companies affected from restructuring and pressured from increasing international competition, they have to handle the still unknown outcome and unpredictable challenges of the current financial and economic crisis.

Wind energy

Project Stronger Workers Representation in the European Wind Energy Sector (SWREWES)

Staff Networking Policy Project

The increasing "Europeanisation“ of economic and social developments in Europe means that the trade unions are increasingly faced with the need to develop a European profile, inter alia, in connection with the recruitment and training of their staff. At its last Congress in Prague, in 2003, the EMF set itself the task of initiating a project to activate networking with regard to staffing policy at European level.

This led to the setting up of an EMF "Staff Networking Project“ Work Group, which has had a number of meetings over the last 18 months and has focussed primarily on the exchange of staffing and organisational development concepts, including, in par­ticular:

  • Continuing training for trade union officers
  • The development of the new generation
  • Language course concepts
  • The “Europeanisation” of personnel (HR) work
  • Development of union membership

The Work Group has also looked at the question of how to expand the hitherto luke­warm efforts to develop a European staff exchange programme between sister organisations.

For more infomation, contact Bruno Berghmans.

GME ECO II Project


Establishing the General Motors Europe Employees' Task Force to strengthen social dialogue

The Project is co-financed by the European Commission - budget heading 04030303


Joint EMF and DGB Bildungswerk project

„Strengthening of the Social Dialogue in South-Eastern Europe through CSR instruments“

The EMF and DGB Bildungswerk with the financial support of the European Commission conducted a joint project for the EMF affiliates in the South-Eastern Europe.


EMF China Project
The EMF carried out research on the future of European metal industries in 2006.

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