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The EMF is the representative body defending the interests of workers in the European metal industry. The EMF has a mandate for the external representation and coordination of the metalworkers' unions and a mandate to engage in bargaining at European level.

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EU-Korea FTA applies as of 1 July 2011

The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with South Korea, the EU's first trade deal with an Asian country, will apply as of 1 July 2011.

With some alterations to the draft from October 2010 the European Parliament passed the FTA and it is coming to effect on 1 July 2011 including a general safeguard clause.

This FTA is definitely a landmark, but not one that trade unions, and especially the EMF, are considering sufficient to the advantage of working people.


EMF sets its political agenda

A sustainable future for metal industries

The EMF Political Resolution: A sustainable future for metal industries - a decent and organised future for metalworkers in Europe, sets out its political agenda for the next four years based on investment, fairness and solidarity.


No to a two-way regime in the European Labour Market

Motion approved by the EMF Congress in June 2011 concerning European Union Directives “Single Permit”, “Seasonal Work”, “Intra-Corporate Transfer”.

With the proposed Directive COM (2007) 638 concerning the so-called “Single Permit”, the risk still exists of introducing limits in respect of equal treatment and non discrimination between workers from third countries and national/EU workers.

Labour related news


Fair trade in the telecoms industry

The European telecoms industry is facing notably fierce competition from China and a lack of a level playing field. This industry is indispensable for Europe in order to meet the ambitious employment, R&D and innovation objectives set out in the EU2020 Strategy.

We fear that if no action is taken by the EU and its Member States, this European industry risks to disappear. This will imply significant job losses and also a competitiveness loss, with far reaching implications whose impact on EU’s economy and security should not be underestimated.

This document analyses the different issues at stake and it leads us to the inescapable conclusion that action by the EU and Member States is urgently needed.


Final conference European Steel Council Project

Final conference of the joint EMF/EUROFER EU project “Towards a European steel council on jobs and skills? Identifying the actors”.

Brussels, 15th July 2011

The main objective of the project is to identify the existing structures in each Member State including those organisations active at national and sub-national levels, such as education and training institutions and public authorities responsible for the steel sector.

The final conference aims at presenting results of the project and to assess the possibility to create formal EU sector council on jobs and skills for the European steel industry.


Global Day of Action

22 June 2011

The Global Day of Action on the Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) takes place on 22 June.

EU Finance ministers will be meeting on the 15 June and European Council will be meeting on 23-24 June. This will be a key moment in the campaigning calender to influence decision makers ahead of the G20 in November.

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